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Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Dubai


Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Dubai
Negotiate To Win Masterclass @ Dubai
28 April 2019 - 29 April 2019
5 Star Hotel - To Be Announced (Dubai) - Dubai
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Jim Thomas, Negotiations Expert
Jim Thomas – Bestselling Author and Negotiations Expert

A man who has been dedicating the past 35 years on negotiating, Jim Thomas is no new face to the corporate world. His International Bestseller was rated one of the Best Business Books of 2006 is now available in 18 different languages. This prominent public figure has been frequently broadcasted on CNN, Channel News Asia, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC, and Fox News besides being featured in top-notch newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Global Investor, Marie Claire and many more. The author of the international bestseller, Negotiate To Win, Jim needs no introduction now. A profound person in the media, he has been frequently featured not only in the US but recently in Malaysia’s own NTV7’s Breakfast Show. The negotiation guru is now coming all the way to Kuala Lumpur to grace us with his knowledge and skills.

Jim's Book

Negotiate To Win Book


A brief introduction to the programme


“What else can I say about the trainer except that he is GREAT! Good job and well done to Kexxel Group for organizing such a brilliant event for the Roads & Transport Authority!”
Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer - Chairman and CEO, Roads & Transport Authority Dubai

“This is a great presentation, as well as Jim’s talent and passion towards the subject, was commendable. That is what makes the course interesting and easy to understand.”
Wafaa Abbar - President, Rubaiyat

“Jim Thomas is top class - industry’s best! Practical, simple and easily applicable methods from this course were useful. Kexxel Group has got good event coordination!”
Simon Pitout - Vice President Corporate Commercial, DP World

“This is one of my first experiences in a class about negotiating. It’s very beneficial especially if some of the things you see yourself doing or common mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Jim puts these into perspective and says don’t do that, don’t get deceived to negotiate. Always try to negotiate with the procedure. These small tips I think you should follow then use a lot of his input into each and every negotiation and hopefully we improve in time. It’s been a great two days! There are a very diverse number of people from different walks of lives and Jim kept us entertained throughout the whole two days!”
Junaid Jafar - Executive Director, Tadhamon Capital, Qatar

“Jim Thomas is top class - industry’s best! Practical, simple and easily applicable methods from this course were useful. Kexxel Group has got good event coordination!”
Simon Pitout - Vice President Corporate Commercial, DP World

“Jim is an expert in negotiating. He is extremely knowledgeable and has years of experience in this industry. The main strength of the event was the exercises done during the training. I have also learnt new techniques when it comes to negotiating.”
Mohamed Abdel Hameed – Business Development Manager, Kuwait Food Co (Americana)

“It is an excellent knowledge and experience. The main attraction of this course is the interactive session and Kexxel Group has a good management team.”
Tarek Barakat – Sales Director, Biosensors International

“Excellent opportunity to refresh my mind and update my negotiation skills! It also helped me to build a network with executives from different industries. Kexxel Group is an outstanding organization for events.”
Ashraf Allam - Regional Managing Director, AMGEN

“Jim is very good and extremely talented! Kexxel is well-organized.”
Mohamed Ragab – Director, Etisalat

“What I’ve learned during these two days will help me. To those who have yet to attend this event, I’d say go for it! Don’t have any expectations. Go with a free mind and come back with very simple, 3 to 4 ideas and stick to that. I love Jim’s sense of humour very much! Good examples from him; very insightful!”
Sylvain Kluba - COO, Agility Logistics

“The training contained real-life examples, the slides were not too fancy and the exercises were very good! Jim Thomas has excellent experience and he has a rich history. All I can say is EXCELLENT, really excellent! I would love to attend more of Kexxel’s training. I like Kexxel’s organization; their coordination, reminders, and follow-ups were up to time and good. “Practical. I think the fact that Jim made us go through a few case studies. It wasn’t just purely us sitting down and listening to him and it gets boring; the fact that he did three case studies is good."
Nabil Iweir - General Manager, Abbott Lab, Qatar

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Why You Should Attend

Program Outline

The Negotiate to Win Workshop begins with participant introductions, an overview of the program’s content and methodology, and the establishment of ground rules. We then discuss participants’ goals and expectations for the Workshop and share personal best and worst negotiating experiences.

Module 1: Negotiation - What Lies Beneath
In Module 1 we take a big-picture look at negotiating. We define it, consider some of the trends behind its growing, worldwide importance, and examine the surprising shortage of practical information about it. We then identify the all-important boundary between persuasion and negotiation and look at similarities and differences in negotiating style among cultures. Module 1 concludes with the first of the Workshop’s five exercises. 

Methodologies: First Negotiation Exercise (large teams) Personal Negotiating Action Plan (ongoing)

Module 2: What “Win-Win” Negotiating Is Really All About
In Module 2 we explain how humans come prewired with a deep-seated need to save face – and a burning desire to retaliate when we don’t. We also look at some historical examples of good not-so-good negotiating. 

Module 3: The Critical Rules of Negotiating
When you boil down all the clichés, theories, and folklore about negotiating, you wind up with a handful of techniques that actually work. These techniques – the 21 Rules of Negotiating – are the heart and soul of good negotiating, and are explained in Modules 3, 4, and 5. We begin with Rules 1-7, the Critical Rules of Negotiating.

Module 4: The Important But Obvious Rules of Negotiating
In Module 4 we cover Rules 8-11, the Important But Obvious Rules of Negotiating

Module 5: The “Nice To Do” Rules of Negotiating
In Module 5 we examine the last of the 21 Rules of Negotiating, Rules 12-21 – also known as the “Nice To Do” Rules. Then, with the Rules explained, we embark on the second of the Workshop’s five exercises.

Conclusion & Wrap up for the day

We begin Day 2 with a review of lessons from Day 1. After a brief summary of Day 2’s agenda and goals, we move on to the vitally important subject of Concession Management.

Module 1: Concession Management
Good Concession management is second nature to every accomplished negotiator. Drawing on the results of yesterday’s Second Negotiation Exercise, participants rapidly develop competence in this key skill.

Methodologies: Third Negotiation Exercise (small teams) Personal Negotiating Action Plan (ongoing)

Module 2: Pre-negotiation Homework
Underpreparation, inadequate information, and disorganization are common mistakes made by less effective negotiators. Here we ensure that attendees prepare properly for their negotiations.

Methodologies: Fourth Negotiation Exercise (duos with Observers) Negotiation Preparation Template Personal Negotiating Action Plan (ongoing)

Module 3: Performing a Successful Negotiation
In Module 3 the Rules meet the real world. Here we look at the practicalities of actually carrying out a winning negotiation.

Methodologies: Fifth Negotiation Exercise (duos with Observers) Negotiation Preparation Template Personal Negotiating Action Plan (ongoing)

Module 4: Navigating Negotiation’s Minefields
Negotiations don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like. Effective negotiators must be prepared for negotiation’s occasional but predictable special challenges. Here we provide guidelines to help you recognize and manage them.

Methodologies: Sixth Negotiation Exercise (duos with Observers) Negotiation Preparation Template Personal Negotiating Action Plan (ongoing)

Module 5: Negotiation Leadership
As we approach the end of the Workshop, we offer suggestions about negotiation leadership, including ideas for implementing good negotiating practices at your organization. Attendees also complete their Personal Negotiating Action Plans for review by the instructor.

Methodologies: Personal Negotiating Action Plan Conclusion & Key Learnings of the 2-day course

Who Should Attend

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