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Home News Kexxel Group: Sharpen negotiation skills with Worldclass Negotiator Jim Thomas this April

Kexxel Group: Sharpen negotiation skills with Worldclass Negotiator Jim Thomas this April

Due to the high demand, Jim Thomas returns this April for his world class negotiating masterclass. Negotiate to Win Masterclass is set to commence in Kuala Lumpur on the 22th – 23th April followed by Singapore (25th – 26th April) and Dubai (28th – 29th April) respectively.

Negotiate to Win Masterclass

This program will prepare you for all types of negotiations; to keep the balance between asking for too much or settling for too little. It also helps develop the right skill-set for behaving in the negotiating table, discover how to avoid errors which can break the deal, identify, use and overcome negotiating tactics which crafty negotiators can use against you, and learn how to read and use body language to clarify exactly what the other party is trying to say or to hide.

Additionally, it will sharpen your skills in making counter-offers that have a higher chance of being accepted, as well as to overcome objections to your offers and counter-offers.

Author of Harper Collins’ international bestseller, Negotiate to Win and also the chairman and CEO of Common Ground International, Jim Thomas is a Washington, D.C. attorney, author, speaker, trainer, and one of the most acclaimed and respected negotiators in the United States who is also a frequent guest on television and radio programs including CNN, Fox News, ABC News and many more. His Negotiate to Win Workshop series, which since its debut 20 years ago has become one of the leading negotiation training programs in the world. His clients include most of the Fortune 500, as well as non-profit groups, professional and trade associations, federal, state, and local government agencies. Jim was a member of the United States’ negotiating team in the successful Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) negotiations with the former Soviet Union.

For more information on this event, please click on the link below for the event’s brochure:

[Event Brochure @ Kuala Lumpur]

[Event Brochure @ Singapore]

[Event Brochure @ Dubai]

Take-aways from this course:

  • How to achieve long-lasting, creative, mutually profitable, “win-win” agreements more easily, smoothly, and consistently
  • How to thoroughly and effectively prepare for your negotiation
  • How to assess the other side’s negotiating strengths and weaknesses
  • How to use the full range of best negotiating practices – and how to defend against them
  • Why, when, and how to make concessions – and avoid unnecessary concessions
  • How to more effectively select, manage, and use negotiating teams
  • How to establish and maintain a positive negotiating climate
  • How to negotiate more comfortably and successfully across cultural lines
  • The growing role of computers and the Internet in negotiating

Who should attend this course?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chairman
  • Managing Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Head of Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Supply chain, Finance, Human Resource, Buyers, Legal, etc.
  • Managers or executive who feels negotiation plays a major role in their work scope.

For more information, kindly go to our website at www.kexxel.com

Kindly acknowledge that there is a special 3+1 package available for this course! If a company decides to register three delegates, they will be entitled to register a fourth delegate for FREE! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer for your own benefit as an investment to your company.

If you have more than 16 delegates and would be keen to conduct an In House Training in your own company for this topic or any other topic of interest for that matter, just give us a buzz or forward your enquires to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will definitely strive to present the best for you! Book now and save up to 50% on the whole cost of the event!

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