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4-5 September 2023


Kuala Lumpur





“Stroytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”


In this day and age, traditional leadership styles are no longer relevant or productive. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, that allowed people to re-evaluate what is important to them, it has never been more important to act as a people-centered leader.


The Leadership Safari draws from John's previous life in Zimbabwe and his passion for wildlife. With the setting of an enthralling adventure in a safari, John weaves through African animal fables using his unique experiential storytelling to explore the human skills of leadership. Each fable is masterfully designed to flow into a workshop-style masterclass that explores and teaches the practical application of relevant leadership skills through reak-life anecdotes and examples, excuses, case studies, and role plays.



What you will learn

  • What has changed and what is expected of a leader in today's business environment
  • The philosophy and principles underpinning good leadership
  • Improved self-awareness and self confidence as a leader
  • How to develop and maintain a high-functioning team
  • How to create and maintain a positive corporate culture and engaged employees
  •  How to create anf maintain a culture that positively embraces ongoing change and learning


Who should attend

This masterclass is ideal for any individual who is interested in: 

  • Learning how to be a good leader in today's challenging environment
  • Work better with others in the organization, or managing difficult people and situations
  • Develop a stronger, more cohesive and co-operative team at a department, section, or whole organization level
  • Improve the culture in their team or organization
  • Learn how to get their people more positive, engaged, and productive in the workplace
  • Reduce “change fatigue”, and develop an environment that embraces ongoing change and continual learning
  • Develop a better business and deliver improved results



Rave Reviews

“Brilliant speaker! John shared a lot of informative tips, relevant case studies and examples in corporate world. Excellent presentation approach with interactive sessions among the participants. Well done! I'm looking forward to more engaging sessions with John or other great speakers!”

- Ema Fadilah Ahmad, Assistant Vice President Corporate Affairs. Public Services Retirement Fund (Malaysia)


“John was able to capture my attention throught the course through his engaging presentation. Breakout sessions were most useful to enable participants to engage with each other."

- Adi Shamsul, CIO, Bank Islam Darussalam


“I find the African animal fable engaginf and fascinating. Remins me of George Orwell's Animal Farm. John has made all the 4 series an interesting one, linking with real-life cases tudies, easy to understand explanation and crystal clear presentation.”

- Adam bin Abu Hanipah, General Manager, Railway Assets Corporation (Malaysia)


John Carroll

CEO, John Carroll's Business Safaris


With a passion for building better businesses through brands and people, John Carroll is a prominent storyteller, internationally acclaimed leadership speaker  and author of 3 published books. As the Managing Director of his own highly successful advertising agency, John takes from his 30 years of experience and passion in leadership, brand marketing, advertising, corporate culture and son on.

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Leadership Safari Masterclass


Fable: How the LION Found Its Strength 

The Philosophy of Strong Leadership 


In this introductory module, John will tell an African animal fable about a young lion who learns that leadership is as much about leading yourself as it is about leading others, and how he unwittingly teaches his father, the king, that being a good leader is not about dominance and power. Then, in the masterclass, you will explore how the business world is changing, what is expected of a leader in today’s challenging environment, and an overview of the key human (or “soft”) skills required of a leader today. 

You will learn: 

  • What has changed and the key issues and challenges facing leaders today 
  • The philosophy underpinning good leadership 
  • The real difference between leadership and management and why both are important 
  • “The Five Principles of Self-Led Leadership” 

Practical Applications: 

Group discussions: Assessing a series of common situations to identify the real leadership challenge in each, plus when to lead and when to manage


Fable: How the RHINOCEROS Got Its Skin 

Leading Yourself So You Can Lead Others


In this module, John will relate the fable of a domineering, self-centered rhinoceros who uses his strength and power to strike fear into the local villagers and get what he wants, until he is taught a lasting lesson by the village witch doctor. Then, in the masterclass, you’ll discover why good leadership is an attitude underpinned by a clear purpose. You will develop better awareness of what it is that drives you and how to use that to create a sense of shared purpose, vision and values within your organization or team.


You will learn: 

  • The power of good leadership in this changed business world 
  • Better self-awareness as a leader and how to use that to inspire and guide others 
  • How to apply the “Five Principles of Self-Led Leadership” to lead others with confidence 
  • The power of strengths-based leadership How to use the “The Leadership Eco-System” to develop your team and the organization


Practical Application: 

  • Individual exercises to develop a strong sense of self-awareness, purpose, vision, and values, and how to put those to use in a team environment 
  • Identifying your personal natural strengths and how to use them as a leader.


Fable: How the MEERKATS Formed a Family

Leading to Create a High-Functioning Team


In this module, John will tell the fable of a young meerkat who helps turn a dysfunctional mob of meerkats into a cohesive, supportive unit to scare off a hungry python, and how that transforms meerkats into a thriving, teamwork-based species. Then, in the masterclass, you’ll discover what people want in today’s workplace environment, the key principles for developing strong, cohesive teams, and how to use the power of strengths-based leadership to create well-rounded teams and a better, more sustainable business.


You will learn: 

  • What people want in the modern workplace and how to deliver it through good leadership 
  • How to use the “Five Habits of High-Functioning Teams” 
  • How to coach, guide and mentor people to draw the best out of them individually and as a team 
  • How to implement a strengths-based leadership approach to create effective, balanced teams


Practical Application: 

The Leadership Challenge: A teams game where participants must use the principles learned so far to operate as a high-functioning team and complete the challenge.


Fable: How the ELEPHANT Got Its Trunk

Leading for a Positive Culture and Engaged Employees


In this module, John will relate a fable about an elephant whose insatiable curiosity leads her into danger, and how, with the help of a wise old baboon, she uses the lessons she learns to get her family more productively engaged and to improve the culture of the elephant herd. Then, in the masterclass, you will learn why common poor attitudes and behaviours occur in the workplace, and you will discover how to develop a workplace environment that fosters a positive, productive culture and engaged employees.


You will learn: 

  • What corporate culture is, what it isn’t and how it links with employee engagement 
  • The basic neuroscience that underpins our attitudes and behaviours How to implement the “Five Principles of Positive Culture” 
  • How to implement the “Five Principles of Engaging Leadership” 
  • How a positive culture and engaged employees leads to a better business


Practical Application: 

Groups Case Study: How a changed leadership philosophy and a focus on changing the culture turned around a large, complex organisation.


Fable: How the LEOPARD Got Its Spots

Leading for Positive Ongoing Change


In this module, John will tell the fable of a vain leopard who has to learn to change to survive in a different environment. Then, in the masterclass, you’ll discover why learning to deal with ongoing change is crucial to the survival of any business today, and how to change attitudes to change. You’ll learn why change should not be dealt with just at the project level and how to create a culture of employee-led change and continuous learning.


You will learn: 

  • How business is about survival of the adaptable 
  • Why change should be part of your culture and how to make it so 
  • “The Five Adaptation Habits for Leading Ongoing Change” 
  • How to create an environment of employee-led change 
  • How to use change positively to stimulate learning and growth


Practical Application: 

Case Study and Role Play Scenario Planning: How a large company “changed its spots” when new systems impacted the organisation, and a scenario planning exercise to determine how to imbed a culture of change in the company.


Check out the testimonials from our events

Dr. Abdulla K. Alhammadi

MBR Solar Park, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

Leadership Safari Masterclass

“The facilitator's been awesome in the ways he communicated the context and content to maximize success of the learning journey throughout the session.”

Tee Billie

Manager of Central FI Business
Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad

Leadership Safari Masterclass

”A great facilitator who is very committed towards his teaching. His knowledge in the corporate world and life definitely makes him a good Guru.”

Fitriyah Rahim

Senior Executive Officer
Syarikat Takaful Brunei Darussalam

Leadership Safari Masterclass

“The facilitator was really informative, he uses good real life examples that we can easily relate and apply. Not just theories but he structured the course in a way that we are able to develop actual action plans.”